It doesn’t matter if you’re always busy or a stay at home mum…
Here’s an Easy Guide you can apply in 20 Minutes a Day to Make your child 10x Smarter than other kids, become a Wonderkid and perform brilliantly without spending money on Extra Lesson teachers…. Using an unknown Homeschooling Blueprint.
You no longer need outdated school curriculums, expensive lesson teachers or stress their brains with moral lessons from strangers to start experiencing TREMENDOUS results.…
You will finally be able to;
Dear Mum,

Are you tired of paying expensive lesson teachers to tutor your child at home but no improvement at all?

Or you’re a parent who is deeply concerned that your child may not be as smart as other kids of his age?.

And you’ve probably been switching schools for them all in an effort to get the best out of their ability, but without any improvement at all?

Then I’m here to tell you to FEAR NOT. Your child is not dull, I guarantee you.

Infact, I have a simple solution that can help you get the best out of them without stress.

And What i am going to show you today is so unknown that even the most exposed among child psychologists are yet to discover it until now.

Yes I’ve discovered a New method from extensive research and have been applying to kids between the ages of 3-11 years in the last 4 years.

This new method will help you finally stop paying heavily for lesson teachers or hiring personal tutors for your child

It will also help to make your child 10x smarter than his mates even if he seems to be among the average performers among them

Which means you can finally join the conversation and brag about how good your child is now performing to your friends.…

Or maybe you just want to see your child do so well so it can give you the satisfaction that you’ve not been wasting resources afterall.

Because after exposing you to this, you will never worry about coming back home to leftover homeworks, and yelling at them to read without getting distracted.

And the best part?….

It takes 20 MINUTES OF YOUR TIME to do!

And to find out about this…

I’ll suggest you remove every distraction in front of you now and pay raft attention to what I’m about to reveal before we proceed.

Let’s get to it…

You see…

Over 90% of parents are still struggling to find the right formula that will make their child

So much so that they have allowed the big schools to make them believe that the only solution is for them to enroll in the biggest schools or hire extra lesson teachers.

Including you!

But after several trial and errors, your child still remains the same.

Don’t get me Wrong; Your child may not be totally dull. Because at least, they still come out average at best.

So much that you can’t help but ask yourself how you can bring out the smartness in them and be more proud that they’re going to become who they want to be in life.

But the problem is….


But this Blueprint you’re about to discover in a few minutes is made for you if;

Get the picture now?

Alright let’s get started…

But first of all…

Who am I and why should you pay attention to Me?

My name is Chris Obike,

a fully certified child psychologist by UNESCO (you know, people that understand how children think and why they behave the way they do.)

I also am a graduate of Early Childhood Education from the University of Benin, Nigeria. But because of the nature of the country, I didn’t even bother to use the certificate.

In fact, while in school, I already knew I didn’t want to become a primary school teacher and there were no jobs waiting outside for me…

So I found my own path which was digital marketing…

But something happened that finally made me decide to put it into use…

It’s a funny story and here it is…

So one day, I was at a restaurant waiting for my food and I overheard a lady in front of me complaining to her friend about her child not doing well in school…and how she had employed lesson teachers in the past, but there was little to no improvement.

She complained so bitterly and I felt a strong push to help her.

So I stood up, went over to her and introduced myself. Then I explained that I had overheard her and I could share some tips that could help if she didn’t mind…

She agreed and we spent over two hours working through everything. She told me everything and I gave her deep strategies she should use to teach her child. And guaranteed her that if she used it, she’d see a big change.

You need to see how her face lit up. She was so happy and kept thanking me.

Now something moved in me that day
I was genuinely fulfilled that the knowledge I didn’t even want to use could literally solve a real problem for someone.
At this moment I knew I had hit a Gold-field!

And that was the day I decided that I was going to help parents who had the same problems as her…

Because if I can meet this woman randomly out of nowhere in a restaurant, I can’t imagine the number of mothers out there who are in the same shoes as her.

Now that’s not all…

A few weeks later, she called me and was excitedly telling me how her child who didn’t like reading before now drags her to read with him…

Plus other big improvements that she’s noticed in her child’s academics.

Now Think about this

She has been paying lesson teachers for months with nothing to show for it… but immediately she started using the strategy I shared with her to teach her child,… she started seeing progress immediately…

But she wasn’t the only one this has worked for…

Here’s also Mrs. Aisha who was on this same training course some time ago.

Her kids didn’t like reading and because of that, they were doing badly in school. But after she started using my homeschool strategy, look at what she has to say…

Mrs.Vee couldn’t hold back and had to send me a whooping 12 minutes Voice Note to thank me for having met me when she needed this most and what it has done to her…

According to her, she was simply overwhelmed and couldn’t believe her luck by the results she got for her child after implementing what I shared.

Imagine getting the same result that would have cost you multiple thousands to get and still not achieve any meaningful result.

But getting what you were looking for by spending just 20 Minutes of your day with your child!!

Now the question is…

How Will you Make this happen for yourself as well?




Ensure your child learns fast using a hidden technique

Have you ever wondered why

Two children in a class… are taught the same thing by the same teacher.

And one child understands it immediately…

While the other child doesn’t?

Do you think It’s because the second child is dull?

Not at all!.

It’s because of his learning style and yet a lot of people don’t know this…

One of the first parents who got into my program had this issue with her son.

She’d spend time teaching her two kids the same thing…but the girl always learned immediately while the boy wouldn’t understand. She’d get angry and say things like “Can’t you be like your sister?”

Until she learned that children have different learning styles and learn in different ways. So, I taught her how to find her child’s major learning style and immediately she started teaching him in that way, she saw instant improvements with her son immediately”

Look at the message she sent to me here

You’re probably thinking

“Chris, I don’t know how to find my child’s learning style” right?

Actually, there are 3 simple strategies you can use to do this. And it’s going to be revealed shortly.

Now Let’s move on to the next secret…


Make Your Kids Love Reading without getting distracted

So tell me…

What’s the one thing your child likes to do all the time?

Is it playing?

A lot of times, parents come to me and say My child plays too much, he doesn’t like to read. All the time, play, play.

But what you don’t know is that “it’s a good problem” if your child loves to play.

Let me tell you a story about Mrs. Vivian

She used to complain that her kids loved to play all the time…but never liked to read.

Each time she tried to get them to read, they’ll easily get distracted and start playing again

She was getting frustrated until we started working together and I taught her how to transform reading into a play activity.

She formed a simple rhyme that she’d sing each time they were back from school and turned the whole thing into a fun activity.

Amazing right?

You see…

Play is very powerful and if you know how to use it, you can positively INFLUENCE all the good values you want in your kids…

A lot of parents don’t know this but because you’re here, you can now use this for your kids…

So how do I transform reading into a play activity?

Let’s move to the final secret.

Make Your Child 10X Smarter than his mates…

This particular secret is going to make your child stand out from other kids.

Let me share something with you …

I remember one time in my final year at the university,

We had this practical experiment where

We’re asked to work with a group of kids with an average age of 6…

The task was simple…

They have to learn how to spell in 30 days.

The child I was assigned to had the biggest reading problem.

Can you believe that this child couldn’t even pronounce simple words and talk more about spelling them…

So, I knew this was going to be very difficult…

I tried the usual teaching methods but each time…

The boy would sleep off.

So, I kept thinking of how I could take this 6-year-old boy who couldn’t even pronounce simple

words to become good at spelling in 30 days…

Here’s what I did…

I made a list of 300 words and for 30 minutes a day, we’d sing a rhyme spelling those words… We’d do this while having lots of fun.

We’d also play other recital games and Scrabble.

Most times, we’d even end up spending over 1 hour.

The next thing I did was to find tons of spelling videos for kids and send them to his mom.

So instead of the boy watching cartoons, he’d watch those videos instead.

Here’s where the magic happened

We did this consistently for 30 days.

30 mins of singing rhymes and playing learning games…

And when he got home, his mom would play those videos for him to watch.

The result?

By day 30, he could correctly pronounce over 150 words and spell about 100 of them.

It was crazy – his mom couldn’t believe it.

That’s when it hit me. This was the secret

Children love routines.

If you’re consistent with teaching them with their learning style, and turn reading into a play activity, exposing them to educational games and videos…and you do this over and over again. Do you think your child will become incredibly smart?

Now here’s the reality…

I am pretty sure that if you just decide to implement the secrets I just shared, you’re going to get really amazing results with your child.


NEWS FLASH: There are way more issues that you MUST tackle to completely get the desired result.

Highly crucial Issues like…

And there’s really no way I could possibly go into all the details you need to implement this successfully…

But what if there’s a quicker and easier way to compile all of this???…

An option that allows me to be more involved on every detail for you to achieve success with your kids

Would you like that?

This is why I’m about to show you a guide that combines the solutions to all these problems in one so you never have to worry about leaving any detail behind ever again!!

It is with great pleasure I introduce to you….

A previously unknown guide that covers not just every secret I exposed earlier…

but also step-by-step instructions on how to copy and practice them on your child.

The best part of this is….

It’s a complete done-for-you strategy you can apply directly with your child…No fluff!!!

Here’s just a tiny bit of what was revealed inside…
you’ll Learn how to find your child’s learning style in 3 minutes + different practical ways you can use to teach him using his learning style

I’ll show you a simple hack to motivate your child to read every single time using a very simple trick.

Look, If your child doesn’t like to read, or hates reading…stop wasting your time trying to flog or shout at them…it will not work. I know you’ve tried that already.

There’s a way to motivate children to do what you want – and it’s not by promising them a gift or biscuit. Nooooo

I shared the exact way to do it on page 84 of this book.

You’ll see

How to make sure your child never FORGET anything he reads again…using the S.A.V.E technique..

If your child always forgets what he reads, then this save technique is going to do wonders for him.

the 5 Powerful Strategies You Can Use To Turn Learning into a PLAY activity. You’ll see fun ways to teach English, Spelling and even Mathematics (I know a good number of our children are battling with Mathematical problems)…
the 5 Powerful Strategies You Can Use To Turn Learning into a PLAY activity. You’ll see fun ways to teach English, Spelling and even Mathematics (I know a good number of our children are battling with Mathematical problems)…

You no longer have to worry about your child playing too much… because now playing = learning.

If your child could be learning while playing, would you let him play?

But we’re still getting started because

ou’ll learn a powerful technique called the Pomodoro that will help your child to study for a long time…without getting distracted…

You see, children get distracted very easily…in fact the average focus time per activity for kids is 5 to 10 minutes… but I’ve discovered a way to help your child not get carried away and you’ll learn about it in this book.

you’ll see how to create a study zone for your child so he can concentrate better and not get carried away.
Do you want to find out why your child is struggling in some subjects and doing well in the others?
you’ll discover the reason and what you can do to help your child and start improving on those subjects


Now let me show you some people who’ve had the rare opportunity of laying their hands on this blueprint……

Here’s Mrs Vee who started reading the book a few weeks ago and here’s what she had to say so far…

Then there’s Mrs Chidera who her kids didn’t like to read but after she got Homeschooling Secrets, look at what she said…

Again, this is going to work for you if you’re looking to help your child learn better or help him do better in school. It’ll even help you if you’re looking to raise very smart kids.

And even though most of the strategies are not for older kids, you can still implement one or two things that would help them do better in school

And the best part is …it’s not bulky. It’s an easy to digest guide You can finish in one afternoon.

But it is filled with the specific strategies to teach your kids by yourself – effortlessly

Here is a sneak peak of results from those who have applied everything in the blueprint before you and what they are saying…
And THAT’S NOT ALL…. To Make it Easier for you to quickly and easily digest the Blueprint….
Here are 5 different Bonuses you are about to be Exposed to when you lay your hands on this Blueprint…
With the daily routine planner, you’ll be able to:

Most parents who get this daily routine planner usually come back to say THANK YOU!

Just like Mrs. Success who said she’s been struggling every day with managing her kids, work, and her husband and still having time to herself…

Until she got the daily routine planner and now she runs her home more comfortably without getting overwhelmed.

See what she said.

What if you could permanently stop feeling choked and still have enough time to take care of YOU… Wouldn’t you like that?


You may also ask… Chris, how do I know that I’m teaching my child the right thing at the right time?

With the Curriculum planner sheet, you’ll know exactly what your child should be focusing on at every point.

It’s extremely EASY TO USE!!

I’ve had to spend several hours compiling the curriculum of kids from KG1 to Primary 6 so you can know exactly how to switch things up as your child climbs up the ladder in his class.


Remember I mentioned that you need to make learning a FUN ACTIVITY?

Well, I went ahead to do 99% of the work required for you so you don’t have to go through the stress of searching for them anymore.

And you’re getting it for FREE too!!

This checklist teaches your kids now to think fast, learn fast and read freely and fluently.


With this checklist…
You can now spend Quality time and bond with your children while helping them to learn at the same time.

It’s more like killing 2 birds with a Single Stone.

Now come to think of it…

Would you reject a rare opportunity to receive tips and strategies for raising your kids the smart way every single week?

Because I keep researching and discovering NEW ways for getting your kids to become smarter.

Which is why you wouldn’t want to miss the next bonus…


This is where you get updated trends and strategies on what is currently obtainable with child psychology so you can keep up to speed with events and issues as it relates to your child.

Wait…There’s More…


In this folder, you’ll find step by step tricks for teaching your child English and math from pre kg to Nursery 3.


You’ll also find a secret application that will help your child get fluent with spelling, pronunciation, reading, writing, quizzes and chess games.

Here’s a game changer for you!

What if I could get on a call with you where I’ll listen to your concerns and help get solutions to the problems you’re currently facing with your kids?
Just recently, I charged and got paid a whooping 100k for this same consultation you’re about to be getting access to for FREE! See for yourself
Now let’s make a recap so you’ll see all you’re getting….

Now, obviously, I won’t charge you 245,000.

But let me ask you a Question….

Let’s just assume I did charge you this amount, and all it did was transform your child into an incredibly intelligent child, would it be worth it?

If you could see your child

So much that your friends and neighbors can’t help but ask you what you’re doing differently to your children…

Would this still be worth it???

And if all it did was to help your child become addicted to reading and become Incredibly smart, would it be worth it?

And what if all it did was to make your child 10X smarter than his mates…and make you, a proud parent with bragging rights…would it be worth it?

How much will you value this if it can make sure your child becomes successful and make you a proud parent?

You can now see that this is NOT an expense…but an INVESTMENT!

Now I want to make everything I just listed above not remain just a dream or wish…

But a reality!

So instead of asking you to pay 140,000+ that may seem far fetched to you right now…,

I’m asking you to cheat me and take the Homeschooling Secret Blueprint + All the EXCLUSIVE BONUSES…



Let me ask you

How much do you pay for school fees?


How much do you spend on buying textbooks, exercise notes and the likes along with other silent bills the school imposes on you?

Let’s not even imagine the money you spend every month paying lesson teachers and tutors, while the language remains the same…

“Give him time, he will pick up”.

But because you are about to lay your hands on the basics + how to do this on your own without asking external help and getting all the necessary tools to help you get your kids to learn FAST.

Oh and there’s One more thing…

A good number of parents end up sending their kids abroad to school all in an effort to get the best out of their kids.

Which isn’t bad, if you can afford it anyway.

Which means you get access to some hands-on advanced curriculum that broadens the child’s brain and access to more sophisticated equipment to make their learning process a smooth one.

But what if I give you access to all that right now???

What if there’s a way you get access to the same curriculum taught by advanced and schools abroad so your child can directly learn from them without taking them anywhere and from the comfort of their home?

Which means you will save yourself the stress of traveling to another country, dealing with embassy issues, visa and others?

Wouldn’t you like that???

I bet you would.

And the good news is it’s as easy as it gets if you know how to access this.

Which is why I prepared an extremely Special access to help you achieve exactly that.

I call it the Fast Action Bonus!!!!
EXCLUSIVE website where your Child is taught directly by Foreign Teachers in the UK & US.

Imagine your kids learning the exact same thing taught by foreign teachers where they pay thousands of dollars to access, but it is being delivered to you from the comfort of your home for FREE!!!!

But there’s a slight issue…

Because this Bonus is reserved exclusively Only for those who Take action Immediately before leaving this Page on or within 30 Minutes only of reading this particular section..

It’s a reward for FAST ACTION TAKERS who instantly sees the value in the package we have prepared for you. All in a deliberate effort to see that your child finally scales past that average position finally.

After you leave this page, this particular bonus automatically goes away and doesn’t return again. This is how expensive it took me to prepare this and would grant access to extremely serious individuals.

So act NOW to secure a rare spot for this!

To act Fast, Hit the Link below without wasting More time and enroll for the Blueprint + all the exclusive bonuses + The Secret Foreign access to the Website for foreign Kids.

For ONLY 37,500
Again here’s the full package you’re getting the full blueprint once you sign up for the Programme NOW!
The entire package is valued at a TOTAL VALUE of N345,000
But your enrollment NOW is just
ONLY 37,500
Here’s what Mrs Ebere who got access to these exclusive bonuses have to say after going through the Program;
Mrs Tope even said she will help to spread the gospel as much as she can to people she knows.
Here’s another parent recommended by a friend who had this to say after going through the blueprint…

Here’s what I haven’t even told you….

Let’s say in a weird circumstance you go through all the programme, implemented everything and it didn’t yield a meaningful result (which is almost impossible)

This is where I’d like to introduce you….


Which means if you can clearly demonstrate to me that you went through everything, with clear proof of all your workings from A-Z that you did and implemented but still didn’t get results?

You will instantly get a refund of your money + a note stating how sorry we are for wasting your time.

Plus you get to keep all the materials and bonuses for yourself.

How about that???

Oh well…

Now you have only two Options open to you.


You can decide to leave this page right now and do nothing with everything you’ve seen in this page and go back to keep settling for average from your kids.



Which is the more Reasonable option right now?

You can take a leap of faith and take a chance at this program, test it out and see if it will work for you. And know that you’ve finally done your part for something to help your child’s life transform his academic excellence.

Again, here’s what you’re getting in this Program:

Now Incase you didn’t know….

This Program was previously unknown until I came into the Picture…and you can see clearly that it has been proven to work, everytime without a doubt!

Or I’m I wrong?

Nobody else anywhere in this country has this system.

I just released it and it is going to blow your mind away because of how amazing it is.

I have spent millions of naira in time and money putting this system together, I learned the ways it won’t work, so you don’t have to and I’m now letting you have it on a platter.

Click the link below to enroll and get started on your journey to get your child the excellence they deserve!